The 32 Bantam Story (short version)

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This 1932 Austin Bantam was originally built by a friend of mine in the 1980's.  It went through two colour versions (first yellow, then blue) and was in a couple of car shows.  The car was never really competed (things like steering, brake lines, wiring, etc) when the builder ran out of time and sort of lost interest.  Life happens.

I bought the Bantam in the summer of 2002 and put in the Club garage to start the task of getting it running.  My dream was get it finished in 6 - 8 months.  Then reality struck and story really begins......

After a closer look I found the engine had been full of water and not useable.  The transmission had no oil in and was full of rust - not useable.  The rear end had no oil or axle seals.  I destroyed the axle bearing towing it home on a dolly. Useable with some refurbishing.  I found that I could sit in the car, but I would never be able to actually steer or work the pedals, if I left the body as it was.  More work that I never thought about.  The orginial intent was to step over the fibre glass body to get in.  Then I realized that my 30" inseam would have an issue stepping over 33" door height, ouch.

The works begins.  Being that this is a short story I will just cover off all the things that I/we had to do make this what it is today, a driver.

A rebuilt engine was acquired and detailed.  Also a rebuilt transmission was purchased and partially polished (only the part you would be able to see).  Rear end just need bearings, seals and oil to be brought back to life. 

More to come soon w/ pictures.......


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More to come soon w/ pictures.......